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Reliable protection against scratches
Delays of up to 50% of solar heat
Reduce your energy expenses
Sun protection for home and office
Safety of for you and your around

Professional automotive window film NexFil

Stolychna Tonuvalna Companiya - a leader in the implementation of innovative film coatings for the auto-business, and to achieve a comfortable environment in your homes and offices.

We sell products of one of the world leaders in the production of film coatings - Company «Nexfil Co, Ltd»
Through best practices and innovative technology products company «Nexfil» sold on domestic and foreign markets.
Over the past 10 years, the company «Nexfil Co, Ltd», located in South Korea, is one of the leaders in the production and sales of dubbing films.

Nexfil films (Neksfil) provides unique properties of glass? This impact resistance, fire resistance, shatterproof; a robust thermal insulation, protection from UV light, sunlight and glare.

As a significant plus note its low price with perfect quality. The high level of quality products Nexfil confirmed by all necessary certificates.

Through research and development of world-class teams, «Nexfil Co, Ltd» has received numerous international awards for quality and innovation, as well as the international quality certificate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

NEXFIL - it's modern production facilities with a full production cycle, from raw materials and ending with the packaging film.

- Supply to 60 countries around the world;

- The best price / quality ratio;

- Ease of installation;

- A modern product quality certification;

- Advanced technology and many laboratory tests;

- Durable and really "working" product;

- A wide range of products;

- quality assurance.