Film for cars - high quality standards!

A good solution in the field of sunscreen barriers for cars is avtoplenka NEXFIL. The company is a leader in high quality film coatings among similar groups of products from other manufacturers.
The main positive aspects of the market Nexfil toning products include:
• a high level of customer service;
• a wide range of avtoplenki;
• affordable prices for goods;
Over the years, employees NEXFIL conducted research and testing related to tint coatings. Film for cars with universal properties was the result of work of many specialists.

The advantages of traditional film coatings

Safe location in the car, due to the reliable protection of glass, which is provided by tonirovki.Kupit film for cars can be on our website.
According to international experts in the field of toning products came together NEXFIL regards goods, as evidenced by the quality certificates (ISO 9001 and 14001). The film on the car corresponds to the norms and rules of the road is characterized by:
• prolonged period of operation;
• anti-glare properties and functionality;
• cabin protection from sunlight
Automobile film contains an innovative production methods. Each new type of tinting accumulates positive qualities previously manufactured products.

Criteria for selecting of toning

One way to protect from the sun, too much attention and prying eyes, is considered to be a special coating machine glass fiber polyester. The acquisition of goods in the format "film for car purchase" requires some knowledge regarding the current situation in the segmented market.
Before making the purchase should define the types of polyester coatings:
• Tint film metallic aluminum interspersed with excellent reflectivity;
• Tint film without metal inclusions that perfectly behaves when using electronic devices and does not interfere with (recorders, GPS-navigators, etc.);
• dubbing carbon film consisting of carbon, aluminum (20%) and glass fiber (10%). Toning is very popular in the field of car tuning;
Our site offers a wide range of services. The cost of the products may differ due to different materials and technology features with the release of films.

Maximum protection against thermal radiation PIR

One of the best means of combating the high temperatures, it is considered athermal PIR film. The advantages of this series of articles on NEXFIL significant:
• athermal tinted holds 99% of heat and ultraviolet radiation;
• High-bandwidth light - up to 80%;
• Coated with athermal PIR blocked more than 45% exposure to heat;
• thanks to the ceramic layer, anti-glare glass acquire properties
The unique technique of production athermal dubbing films saves energy when operating air conditioning in the warmer months. When you do purchase "athermal film buy" online, you get a unique opportunity for professional film installation on the car.

The coating prevents damage to car body paintwork

Mechanical properties, which shows the Stone Chip film, proven over the years, so the need to install Stone Chip film is unquestionable. Installation of Stone Chip film solves a number of problems:
• prevents damage to paintwork and optics while driving (hitting stones and others.);
• reduces the likelihood of damage to the paintwork during an unsuccessful parking in the parking lot of unpleasant situations, minor traffic accidents, etc .;
• blocking the harmful effects of aggressive ingredients (liquid and solid chemicals, Ecoantiled, salt, sand, etc.)
Stone Chip film can be purchased in our company and at the official dealer of the company, provides a guarantee when you install the service. Stone Chip film transmits ultraviolet light and provides a uniform color of the car body, excluding the effect of "burn-out", has good adhesion.

Armored vehicle windows

The most reliable protection of the executive class transport system is shockproof film. Sought-after kind of tinting is caused by several factors:
• protection from prying eyes and detractors;
• «Prevention" injuries, emergency situations;
• perfect protection from ultraviolet
Broneplenka on car owners and prevents the transport of passengers by infrared radiation, "intruders", break-ins. With this protection system are not afraid to stay in the car, store things. Shockproof film on the car passed a series of tests of mechanical nature (glass probivochnikom beat, hammer, etc.).
Toning provides a wonderful relationship "broneplenka on car price and quality", which gives an additional advantage in this product category. In addition to the aesthetic function of the film, also has a good resistance to scratching and fading.