The company is the leader of a huge range of high-quality coatings:

High-quality film «NEXFIL CBS series".

For many will be interested to know that the film dubbing Carbon (CBS) has all the advantages of metallic coatings. Through modern technology, in which graphite particles are applied in a vacuum environment on the base film formed avtoplenka with excellent characteristics. Tint film for cars has a number of advantages:

     irrespective of the dimming level reflects more than 50% of UV radiation and heat;
has high anti-glare properties, is an important indicator for drivers;
for electronic devices are considered safe, it does not prevent reception of radio waves
It has a high operational period (guarantee of 7 years);

Self-adhesive film for tinting with carbon deposition is characterized by a thickness of less than 50 microns. Application avtoplenki glass is made from the inside of the car.

By visiting our company website mozhnokupit dubbing film that holds great ultraviolet rays (5-50%) and protects the interior from fading. In addition, the auto film has a beautiful shade of charcoal.

By the unique properties of carbon film coating, include the lack of metal inclusions and disadvantages associated with their presence. Tint film buy from NEXFIL - is the fastest way to improve the comfort of the car at low cost.

NEXFIL Films of Carbon Series (CBS) provides an integrated approach to the creation of facilities and giving the luxury of the car. This type of film is appropriate in the premises of residential and office types.

The professionalism of the company expressed in a clear and rapid implementation of the wishes of customers. Reasonable prices for high-quality materials - a distinctive feature in the work of our company. By diverse lineup of modern cars perfect function "film for cars to buy"

The film «NEXFIL HP Series" on metallic basis.

In the production of coatings on metallic toning NEXFIL used aluminum particles, which are located in the protective structure, a colored layer. tinting film has moderate gloss, giving the glass a very solid feel. Saloon car with a "split" system is protected from burnout.

Metallized film dubbing has a high degree of protection against infrared radiation (50%) and attractive color variation (shades of varieties of coal).

Wide range of products from "dubbing the film" category offer customers high-quality coverage of NEXFIL the HP series, which are made of polyester with different modifications (transparent, colored). Buy dubbing film for cars with metallized basis - is to buy a quality product at a low cost.

Tint film quality and price, has some unique features (which protects 99% of the UV radiation, improves the appearance and the confidentiality of the machine), which have a positive impact on the car. Buy film for cars on the company's website - it's a good opportunity to have a lifetime warranty on the tint coating, plus high resistance to fading of the car.

Automobile film contains advanced technologies that promote productivity and good popularity in toning coatings. HP Series won its market segment, which represented a high-quality film for cars.


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