About us

Capital Tint Company
We are a modern company that understands that the world does not stand still, and for what would be the leader,
all human activities of production and processes necessary to implement innovative technology that will help keep pace with the times.
Our company is committed to its customers to open a world of new possibilities and achievements.
"Capital Tint Company" is an official representative of one of the world's market leaders in the production of film coatings company "NEKSFIL".
Develops its dealer network in terms of mutually beneficial partnership.
We have decent conditions of work with you, we offer a complete information support, as quickly as possible, of the proposals for your customers.
We are open, competent and happy to cooperate with companies who want to develop their own business, to make it efficient and profitable.
For more information on co-operation can be obtained by calling:
(067) 828-43-00