Films for tinting the windows - a pledge of comfort and quality

Each residential and working space can be used tinted glass, which will give the room the beauty and convenience. Current film for tinting windows has a number of properties, such as versatility, practicality and ergonomics.
The film is set on windows mobile and quality thanks to the high professionalism of the company STC. Excellent quality dubbing coatings, reasonable prices, high quality service - the concept of authorized dealer NEXFIL.
Clients' Capital Tint Company "are residents of houses, flats, business executives and companies. Years of experience in the field of film products offers customers interesting possibilities:
• toning of glasses for energy saving;
• protect space from solar radiation;
• protect space from heat and UV radiation;
• decoration of window designs
Choosing cooperation with the company, customers solve complex problems in a short time. Tint film on windows has a positive side, lead time and cost savings customers.

Types of coatings dubbing

Architectural film contains a huge range of toning film coatings that meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers. The choice of polymeric materials based on customer preferences and purpose of the goods:
• energy-saving film remarkably retains heat in the premises by high levels of reflection;
• sun protection film for windows blocks ultraviolet radiation, preventing the effect of "burn-out" in the interior, while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate;
• decorative film decorates design space, increasing the aesthetic perception of others;
• broneplenka on glass creates a safety required comfort zone
Tint film for windows - is to protect the premises from ultraviolet radiation and preservation of optimum temperature in it. Manufacturer offers NEXFIL types of coatings having different coefficients of blackout.

The warmth and comfort of your home

Heat film on windows is good at preventing loss of infrared radiation. A distinctive feature of the heat-insulating material is considered to be its installation inside the premises. Energy-saving window film to reflect heat away from the battery or other sources, bringing it into the house.
Unlike conventional designs, without toning, energy-efficient windows to minimize heat loss in the heating season.
• Thermal insulation film causes heat savings of over 60%.
• Energy-saving film for windows has an excellent thermostatics that promotes uniform temperature distribution.
During the summer, thermo windows to insulate heat and ultraviolet rays, which have a negative impact on human health.
Although the retention capacity, the film perfectly passes light.
Energy-saving window film to eliminate overruns energy while the air conditioner. Insulation film for windows reduces the load heating appliances and energy consumption. By reducing heat loss, within a few months of cold energy-saving film on the window, provide comfort space. It should be noted that the Heat film for windows in the hot summer contributes to the natural coolness.

Tint coating from ultraviolet radiation

a new generation of products from NEXFIL is a sun protection film that preserves from sunlight. Reflective film on windows - is the result of work of many professionals who have created a universal form of the film coating.
Mirror film on the window consists of a layered polymer with metal. Depending on the type of room and the destination (house, apartment, industrial production, offices), reflective film has differences in its chemical composition.
Sun protection film on the window can be presented in different colors. Mirror glass are differences with respect to the absorption of sunlight indicators. The film on the windows from the sun is characterized by a certain degree of properties "anti-glare".
The ideal way to adjust to bright light caused by its excess, is a film for tinting windows. Through heat ray reflection mirror film helps to reduce the temperature in the room.
Checkout in the format of "sun protection film on windows to buy" on our website. SLR film prevents the fading of furniture and interior design.

Toning, as an element of architecture

It is no secret that the decorative film used for the decoration of the premises, in the zonal division of space. Matte film on the windows is great for creating interesting style. A wide range of products due to the beautiful color schemes. Decorative Window Film can have a wide range of types of textures.
Matte film is flawless in design of glass panels in the type of open spase offices, country cottages, large-sized apartments. Matte Film hide from the prying eyes of the required work areas. A great advantage of the application of decorative coating is considered to be lack of fire and fragments in the destruction.

Metal window or the "law of counter"

Reliable protective film on windows NEXFIL ensures the safety of banks, enterprises and residential buildings. Shockproof film withstands deformation load of 18 kg / cm². The tests carried out in the form of a metal ball falling on the glass surface from a height of about 1.5 meters, confirmed the excellent mechanical properties of film products.
in toning coatings specialists have found that I installed vandal film is able to withstand strong shock wave. In emergency situations, not glass shatters into fragments. Window tinting has good characteristics with respect to fire resistance. Glass Film withstands high thermal conditions (temperature 7000S) to 8 minutes. Tinted windows in the apartment will be a great way to improve the safety of their homes.