Energy-saving film for all kinds of buildings

In the market of energy-saving technologies NEXFIL company occupies a worthy position, thanks to the high quality of the production of film products. Energy-saving film today more relevant than ever, because it helps not only save, but also protects against sudden thermal changes.
Energy-efficient windows have several advantages:
• Product retain heat;
• tinted windows do not allow UV;
• heat-reflective windows are easy to maintain
Using energy-saving film on the window, you can significantly reduce the cost of space heating. In homes, apartments, offices, institutions thermo window serves well for a long time after it is installed.
Insulation film for windows is characterized by excellent technical qualities. Window construction with a toning well reflect light, protecting against harmful radiation. Installed heat-reflecting film may be transparent and invisible to the eye.

Positive aspects of energy saving systems

Comparative characteristics between normal and heat-insulating window structure indicate greater efficiency of the latter in the field of ergonomic systems. Heat film for windows provides a reduction in heat loss by 40-60%, which is 2-fold increase of its beneficial effects during operation.
Energy-saving film on the window keeps you cool in the hot summer, it reduces the load on the air conditioner, has high transparency indicators. Thanks to the best specifications for thermal insulation film can save as seven or budget organization.
Innovative technology film products include:
• environmentally friendly produced goods;
• acceptable prices for heat-carrying film;
• high-quality polymer products
Secure energy-saving film for windows made of polymer and metal particles with low emissive. Therefore Heat film has energy efficiency year round.
Conservation of energy occurs through reflection and dissipation of infrared radiation, which is evenly distributed in space. The film on the heat saving windows has a high thermal resistance, in contrast to conventional insulating glass, through which goes "lion's share" of heat.
Heat film on windows delays infrared and ultraviolet radiation during the cold period, and helps to reduce high temperatures in the hot summer. Making a choice in favor of energy-saving films from NEXFIL opening can be used for great opportunities.

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