Paint protection film as a universal protection for cars

Beautiful and well maintained car - an indicator of status and style of life of the owner. During the ride load often occur in the body of the car, leading to destructive consequences (hairline cracks, scratches, rust, etc.). The devastating impact on the surface of the "iron horse" may be subject to the influence of weather or road grit (salt, fine granite embankments).
Protect vehicles from small mechanical damage, a protective film to help. High-quality coating is well established in the market segment of the film industry. Stone Chip film protects the machine from damage, it also:
• has excellent technical characteristics;
• preserves the brightness of color, graphics design elements of the car body
• minimize the possibility of the appearance of defects on the surface of the car;
• Increases the life of the machine
With daily use of the car protective film on the car provides a good mode of transport, even after many years of operation.

Positive aspects in the use of a protective layer

Reliable armor to paint from chipping machine is a Stone Chip Protection. Installation of the film on the car headlights to prevent the destruction of their surface (cracking).
Protective Film for cars:
• weakens the impact of strain;
• reduces the likelihood of damage;
• excludes "rubbing effect"
When parking, sometimes there are situations when the machine can prop each other. Stone Chip cover to avoid the unpleasant consequences of the contact points in the different situations. Due to the fact that the film is very elastic, the force of the forced deformation is evenly distributed across the area of the vehicle, softening it.

The advantages of purchasing "light armor"

When bumps and dents of moderate severity, transport repair with a protective coating in the context of "bespokrasochnoe method" is quite real. Service machines that do not have "light armor", accompanied by costly repairs to their respective owners. Stone Chip film can buy it on the website of the STC, which can significantly save money buyers.
Experts studies have been conducted in the field of protective coatings, calculations have shown that the costs associated with the purchase and installation of a protective coating pay off in one or a maximum of three years. Buying in a format "film Stone Chip price and quality" will delight customers good value for conditions and specifications in the "accessories" for the auto market.

Little secrets of great opportunities

Motorists that time to take care of his car, advance setting Stone Chip cover, even a few years can boast of good appearance "iron friend". In addition, the sale of transport with the "armor of the film" done several times better than without it, due to excellent condition car body.
Protective paint film contributes to safety by cracking, damage to the vehicle surface during operation. If desired, the film layer can be removed, it will not affect negatively on the machine.
Thanks to high-tech production processes Stone Chip coatings products have won and held leading positions in the automotive industry.
The use of well-known companies Ford, Generals Motors, Ferarri protective films for car body, annually confirm the feasibility and practicality of the proposed product.


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