Capital dubbing company offers a wide range of films:

NEXFIL PIR 80 athermal film.

The universal solution in the field of dubbing the film coating is athermal NEXFIL PIR 80. The modern manufacturing technology allows products that reliably protect the vehicle from ultraviolet and heat radiation (respectively 99% and 90%).

One of the valuable qualities avtoplenki is a property in which the light penetrating through a solar control coating, completely invisible to the eye. Athermal tinted meets all the requirements of GOST and provides good protection for interior from overheating and fading.

"It is necessary to pay attention! Main solar "load" on the interior of vehicles fall on the car window, as other structural elements (roof, doors) have a high degree of thermal insulation "

By visiting the company's website you can buy film for cars at an affordable price. The relevance of a series of toning coatings PIR is caused by several factors:

      excellent light transmission capacity (65% -80%);
improvement in energy efficiency by blocking infrared heat radiation (45%);
except for damage to the passenger compartment from the external factors (burnout car dealership, deformation of plastic parts);
Automobile film NEXFIL PIR 80 prevents glass splinters on the passengers in case of accidents

Thanks Nanoceramic coating consisting of determining the direction of the graphite particles, achieved good light transmission. Athermal film on the windscreen offers excellent options that promote safe driving vehicles.

Save your money

With athermal film can be significant savings, due to the reduction of energy costs. Avtoplenka NEXFIL PIR 80 prevents the overheating of the machine interior and the air conditioning does not work at full capacity, which contributes to energy saving. In the summer, the hottest time, this type of saving is especially important.

Today, the film on the car included in the category of popular "innovations", conquering their fans.

When tinting film athermal glass can acquire different shades (slight blue or green). Determine the type of product, you can make the purchase in the "athermal buy film" format by contacting the managers of the organization. Advantages of PIR toning obvious, because the driver does not have to be fined for exceeding the permissible standards or performance solar control coating.

Film for car improves visual overview and prevents burning textiles car upholstery. If a leather car interior, it will retain its original form due to athermal film NEXFIL PIR 80. Such toning is optimal protection to preserve the beauty of the car.

It is worth noting that the athermal film is ideal for the windshield. According to the technical regulations and the requirements of toning PIR series can be set if its light transmission rate of not less than 70%. Because avtoplenka not contain metal inclusions, it is the most optimal for radar transmitters and receivers (cell phones, global positioning system).

If you use the service "film for car purchase" - it would provide an opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones from the high temperatures. This is especially important when in the car there are children or elderly adults, which are harmful to high temperatures and scorching sun.

Good looking
Comfort and protection