Shockproof film - safety for others

Reliable protection element of the service and residential premises is broneplenka on the glass, which has a strong technical strength indicators. As is known, the design of glass characterized particularly fragile and susceptible to deformation resistance. Therefore tinted coating are the key to durability and stability in the operation of window systems.
Installed anti-vandal film is well suited:
• For the safety of your valuables;
• to protect against unauthorized intrusion;
• to create a private and confidential environment
The main purpose of the armored coatings consist in the protection of property and people from unwanted attacks by criminals. Shock-proof plastic films are excellent protection in an emergency, a stalemate (fire, explosion, burglary, etc.).

Reliable toned cover

A wide range of multi-functional shockproof plastic films allows to realize high-quality and attractive solutions, with respect to security. Installed anti-vandal film coatings are used in government offices, banks, offices, apartments and houses.
Shockproof film does not allow the destruction of the glass into small pieces that can cause personal injury or lead to undesirable consequences. Windows systems with installed armored films have high resistance to deformation of a different nature. To break this glass, it takes a lot of time. For criminals vandal-proof plastic films are a real "nightmare", because a solid glass material is transformed into a monolith, which is difficult to break.
Protective film for loads up to 55 kg / cm2, depending on the thickness of the coating layer. Classification shockproof films ranging in thickness products (RA1-3). Reinforced film produced from a multi-layer polymer, is connected to the glass by a special adhesive base.
In our company can be ordered, combined or transparent protective coating, characterized by various levels of protection (4mil-100 .mu.m, 7 mil-20 microns, 12 microns mil-300). Choosing tinted composite (115 microns), the buyer gets a multifunctional UV protection, deformations and unwanted intrusion. When exposed to fire, shock-proof film withstands high temperatures (7000S) without the devastating effects of up to 8 minutes.

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Comfort and protection