Your best option window systems and interior spaces considered decorative film.
Various indicators of transparency, wide color palette of polymer coatings will help transform a faceless room in a beautiful paradise. With artistic flair and taste, with the help of films, you can create a great many variations and design decisions regarding the finishing of the internal living space.
Decorative film on the windows give the house and the apartment a special charm. A positive feature of polymeric materials in this area is the light transmittance. Matte film on the glass will help you with the design workspace. Especially look beautiful stained glass windows or glass partitions, decorative polymer coating.
Practical design space
Due to the decorative coatings can elegantly emphasize the style of interior apartment, house or office. Organization of the amazing design of the compositions, with the design of the space, can become a shining example of a harmonious combination of practicality and refined taste of the owner.
NEXFIL decorative film which can be installed on windows, glass partitions and structures have excellent characteristics:
• optimal light transmission;
• the original color scheme;
• easy to install;
• long service life
High-quality matt film on the windows will be a wonderful way to protect the occupants of the house from prying eyes. In service organizations, decorative film is perfect in environments where you need to create a working area for negotiation transactions.
By the beneficial properties of decorative films include the prevention of force majeure. Sometimes there are situations when as a result of exposure to a mechanical window constructions can be deformed. Matte film prevents fragments per person in the process of destruction, which is an additional advantage for customers.
From an environmental point of view of decorative polymer coating is absolutely safe for the surrounding, so the film can be used for laminating glass constructions in the rooms where the children are. The polymer film contributes to strengthening glass surfaces, which positively affects the performance of glass structures.
Professional designers often choose a new generation of matte film for the decoration of the premises of the zonal type.

Good looking
Comfort and protection