Sun protection film - a practical and modern

Penetrating sunlight into large amounts may cause some inconvenience to people. Normal windows of houses, apartments and office space "defenseless" before the ultraviolet and infrared radiation. You can not say on glass surfaces treated with a special thin polymer layer.
The variety of TM «Nexfill» film coatings surprise buyers with its assortment, quality and cost.
Sun protection film on windows with a metallic coated protects the interior of the interior decoration. Furniture, design objects and wall panels are well under "supervision" of glass with athermal film layer.
Reflective film on windows ergonomic, reliable and convenient from different positions (savings, stylish design, and others.).

The universal remedy for bright sunlight

To save items from the high sun exposure, there are artificial barriers of polymer «Nexfill». Drawing on the window construction coating of polyethylene terephthalate with a metallic inclusions cause excellent protection from the sun room, preventing:
• «the effect of" burn-out furniture "
• a sharp increase in temperature;
• harmful effects of ultraviolet
From an economic point of view it is considered a multifunctional mirror film and ecological product. High-tech methods of manufacture of products from polymers can help protect the body from excessive influence of heat and ultraviolet radiation. Sun protection film for windows is a wonderful alternative to tint coatings, which cost respectively above.

Guarantee of reliability and long-term

Important technical characteristics, which is caused by sun protection film include:
• versatility (aesthetics and practical);
• Easy to install and high operational period;
• excellent quality and reasonable prices
In the hot summer mirror glass reflect infrared rays coming from the outside, and in winter they keep them in the room. Therefore, film coatings is accompanied by the installation of energy saving for the owners of houses and offices. Particularly relevant film for windows from the sun when the wall of a building located on the western and southern sides.

Increased productivity, well-being through the "anti-solar 'barriers

Scorching sun and glare can be very dangerous for human health, especially when you have to work for a long time. Therefore, mirror film on the windows will be the best way to deal with high thermal temperature, even in the absence of air conditioning.
As is known, a comfortable lifestyle improves productivity and mood of employees, because the film on the windows from the sun creates an ideal environment for high-performance employee.
Great pastime in an apartment or house can be achieved through the acquisition of goods in the format of "sun protection film on windows to buy." STC company's specialists will be able to acquaint customers with the quality products from the manufacturer «Nexfill», to assist in the installation of covers, advise on the cost of the goods.
Indicators of the degree of penetration of the light and shade of the film depends on the characteristics of the components and types of film coatings.
It should be noted that the mirror film protects the glass from fragmentation fracture deformation at high loads of character.

Good looking
Comfort and protection