Multifunction Protection vehicle glass
Armored glass car - a good indicator of the increased safety of the vehicle interior. Shockproof film NEXFIL is a serious protection for technical equipment avtomobіlya items. Installed reinforced coatings are characterized by excellent adhesion.
To appreciate the significance of impact-resistant films for cars, look at some of the functional features of products of this type.
• Broneplenka cars on blocks unauthorized entry into the car through the high-performance polymer layers.
• Tinted glass keeps the structure from being destroyed from the outside.
• Protective coating resists shocks of varying strength and serves as a lattice analogue.
• Installed steel covers protect the cabin area of the ultraviolet and infrared zlucheny.
Conventional glass for burglars considered the most vulnerable part of the car, which can be destroyed in a few seconds. Modern criminals adapt to the electronic security system (alarm), which do not always have to cope with the break-ins. Burglars do not disdain crude methods such as breaking car windows to get expensive "trophy" (smart phones, laptops, tablets, navigation devices, cameras, etc.).
However, to break the barrier of armored glass and the film is insufficient even ten minutes. Because shockproof film helps to create a reliable model of artificial protection for motor vehicles.
Demanded protection system
There are several classes armored protective tinting (P1a, P2A and R3A), due to numerical indices layer thickness (from 100 microns to 300 microns). Popular shockproof film on cars NEXFIL includes several very thin polymer "layers" are organically combined with each other. Thanks to its highly adhesive on a molecular basis, produced a strong grip with layers of tinting glass surface.
Choosing armored films, should take into account its variations:
• transparent colorless film coatings based on (115 microns, 200 microns);
• Products that combine toning and protection (115 microns);
It should be noted that the film thickness determines the kind of surface on which the coating film is applied. For example, armored polymer tinting with 300 micron thickness is only suitable for flat glass car (Range Rover Vogue, Toyota Land Cruiser, and others.). In other cases, the coating can be applied with shock 100-200 microns thick.

"Elastic" and "elastic" cover from NEXFIL

Service installation of tinting in the format "broneplenka by car - price and high quality" offers a multitude of tasks:
• strengthening transport of glass;
• air-conditioning machines of interior;
• comfortable toning machines
When installing shockproof films on glass of the car increases the level of security in 20 times. An integrated approach to the design professionals practical design glasses in conjunction with other security measures (alarms), provides a stable vehicle security level.
Due to the uniform distribution of the forces of impact on the work surface by the film, the outer layer of glass becomes a good firmness and elasticity. To create a contrasting toning effect is used a polymer coating with moderate light transmission capacity (15-35%).


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